Outdoor and Garden Sculpture

Having created an exceptional garden out of bare fields, and worked for years among plants, Anne remains fascinated by the development of natural forms and their patterns.  The curves, spirals of growth, the unfolding of leaves and flowers, the bursting of seed pods all imply controlled movement, a disciplined and mathematical progression, but all displaying an immense internal energy.

This close observation is at the core of Anne’s monumental sculpture, combined with clean lines and pared down detail. The pieces she creates have taken shape in her mind’s eye over a period of months, often years.

Working on a large scale presents an array of challenges. Anne uses a technique involving the hot carving of vast blocks of polystyrene.

She works in an old military hangar, which provides a practical space to deal with the noxious fumes released and the dust created during the carving process. The sculpture is then moulded and cast in resin or bronze.

Her current sculptures are cast in editions of 6 or 9. Prices will be advised by Anne for castings in resin or bronze. Please refer to the details provided on the Contact page.